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Team Schedule!

1/24/2012 -  Pie Fest, Track Team, Falcon Punch, Sabado Domingo
1/31/2012 -  Efficient Crisis, Fracas, Girl Scout Bookies, Bang
2/7/2012 -  Stranger Danger, Pie Fest, Track Team, Bang
2/14/2012 -  Sabado Domingo, Stranger Danger,  Fracas, Girl Scout Bookies
2/21/2012 -  Falcon Punch, Efficient Crisis, Pie Fest, Track Team
2/28/2012 -  Bang, Sabado Domingo, Stranger Danger, Fracas
3/6/2012 -  Girl Scout Bookies, Falcon Punch, Efficient Crisis, Pie Fest
3/13/2012 -  Track Team, Bang, Sabado Domingo, Stranger Danger
3/20/2012 -  Fracas, Girl Scout Bookies, Falcon Punch, Efficient Crisis
3/27/2012 -  Pie Fest, Track Team, Bang, Sabado Domingo
4/3/2012 -  Stranger Danger, Fracas,  Girl Scout Bookies,  Falcon Punch, Efficient Crisis

Six Ring Circus is our awesome all-improv night, featuring top-notch graduate performance teams from the Brave New Workshop Student Union.  Four teams take the stage each night.  You’ll see long-form improv, short-form improv, and hilarious comedy created out of thin air, right before your very eyes!  It’s a Tuesday night tradition, and the cost of admission is a single US dollar bill.  We defy you to find a better entertainment deal on the planet!



(no reservations - general admission - and yes, the bar is open for business!)

Check out the show calendar for a complete schedule.

Dean & The Sweet Biscuits

Members: Dan Jankovich, Tera Jansen, Andrea Klaassen, Stephanie Watson, Nate Morse, Josh Awend, Andy Katzung
Coach: Self coached.
About Dean & the SBs: 
The first self coached team in the history of Six Ring, this band of experienced improvisers play with a brand of smarts and  wit that is unparalleled. 

The Senate

The Senate Members: Anna Weggel, Steph Wilkes, Brian Roberts, Max Leibowitz, Rick Odgers, Hannah Wydeven, Andy Hilbrands,  Deb Holloway, 
Coach: Dave Kapplehoff
About The Senate:
The Senate is a collection of improvisers that strive to make the world laugh, one vote at a time. 

The Track Team

Members: Meghan Linafelter, Samantha Veldhouse,Becky Weisenburger, Gunther Gullickson, Alexander Cleberg, Josh Lanzet, Kelvin Hatle, Max Besner
Coach: Jason Bindas
About The Track Team:
This is an eclectic group of performers who, as individuals or as an ensemble, bring a "must watch" flair to Six Ring Circus. They have the ability to shift from strong dramatic scenes to a raw humor only found in the collective mind of the group. The Track Team's style of discovery keeps them grounded in their moment which in turn creates an eager anticipation by both the audience and the group for what can happen next.

Sabado Gigante

Members: Vikki Krekkler, Sean Hansberry, Steve Anderson, Heather Hemmer, Matt Kelly, David Hall, Dave Christians, Rachel Lande, Meghan Wolff
Coach: Bobby Gardner
About Sabado Gigante:
We are very character driven.  We strive to make the improvisor disappear into the character.  This creates honest emotions, wants, and situations.

Girl Scout Bookies

Members: Brian Rice, Emily Barrett, Heather Meyer, Jeanette LaBarre, Jeff Kaisershot, Josh Kaplan, Kathleen Cassidy and Kevin Albertson
Coach: Jen Scott
About Girl Scout Bookies:
Erm. They're awesome! Weird truthful funny characters reacting to and creating trouble for each other.


Members: Ed Larson, Elizabeth Clouse, Laura Mahler, Kate Vecchi, Logan Beere, Peter Butler, Teresa Sigler, Billy Nelson,.
Coach: James Moore
About Bang!:
Mastering the Deconstruction structure with a focus on creating a wide variety of emotionally grounded scenes that exploit the full potential of the audience suggestion. Bang!’s hallmarks include high energy, razor wits, vivid characters and a great sense of play. Bang!'s players have a wide range of improv backgrounds and levels of experience, but they come together to create suprising, fun improv that's sure to entertain!

Falcon Punch!

Members: James Roop, Josh Kuehn, Frank Mannella, Mike Rasmussen, Nick Decker, Jon Schuster, Kerry Pernat, Lizzie Gernes
About Falcon Punch:
On stage, Falcon Punch!! is just that... a falcon punch.  "Oh", you'll say, "what a beautiful falcon", and before you can finish SKZOW! right in your face!  Or, "Mmm, this is delicious punch.  What?  It's made out of falcon blood?!"  Always unexpected, never unexciting!  Falcon Punch!! SKZOW!

Ocean Tinge

Members: Madde Gibba, Taj Ruler, Nick Sahli, Laura Bucholz, Matt Spreitzer, Lori Crever, Mike Stanczak, Katy McGrath, Joe Ye, Sid Oxborough
Coach: Mike Fotis
About Ocean Tinge:
Ocean Tinge combines the big game play and nuanced scene work to create a structure that is as unique as it is funny. Featuring some of the most experienced and talented improvisers in the Twin Cities, Ocean Tinge will blow you away with their humor and smarts! 
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